Flowers In The Desert Monologue Essay

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Post the names of the monologues.

Piggy Princess from the play Flowers in the desert.

Mama from the play When Mel fell for Nell.

Who is the main character of each monologue?

Piggy Princess- Paula

Mama- A mother

Why do you like the monologues?

Piggy Princess- It is about memories, good ones and sad ones and that way it was interesting to me. It is also a funny monologue.

Mama- I like it when mothers speak to their babies all the time and all they do is just stare.

What is the character like?

Piggy Princess- Strong and caring devotee teenage girl who likes helping people and animals.

Mama- A happy and proud mother.

Where is the Character (the setting/place it is taking place)?

Piggy Princess-Group home for troubled girls in Trinity,
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Mama- leaness, my cousin sister, she is always running after her son.

Do you have personal experience that helps you understand this character?

Paula- I have a little personal experience, I have both parents and I do not think that my "reasoning ability is sometimes impaired" but l like taking care of people and I sure do know what it feels like to be an outcast, I also believe in God.

Mama- I like taking care of people of all ages.

Think about why the character is the way he/she is. What made them the way they are? Make up a "back story" or history of the character. Where did they come from? What do they like or dislike? How old are they? What do they dress like?

Paula- She has been living in foster homes, she is a teenager, she believes in God and she is an outcast she has always had to move around a lot. She likes looking after animals and people and pink is her favourite colour. According to Shelly she cannot wear clothes that are colour coordinated.

Mama- a mother talking about how growing up kids act and do.

lesson 8.

What tips worked the best for preparing your monologues and any questions you have?

• Learning and understanding all about the
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