Flowers In The Snow Character Analysis

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The use of courage is a powerful choice, but none the less, it is a choice. Both slight and sizable instances of courage occur continuously in time, but the question of what defines them remains. The novel Flowers in the Snow, by Danielle Stewart, models these occurrences through the use of history and personal reflection and helps to better answer the world's inquiry. Flowers in the Snow tells the story of an elderly woman, Betty, looking back on her childhood. Growing up during the earliest stages of the civil rights movement, she felt need to know what was going on in the world around her. Against all wishes of her mother and father, she meets a colored family. The years of events that follow change the perspective of all characters in…show more content…
It is not often seen in everyday life, or rather goes unnoticed. The uses of courage in one’s self are endless, and strikingly powerful. What defines courage is a question that goes unanswered clearly in the minds of many. The novel The Color of the Soul, by Tracey Bateman, shows the use of courage, acquired by the attempt to make change for those who are dear to one, as well as the capacity of strength that courage holds and the subsequent consequences that coincide with it’s use. The Color of the Soul tells the engrossing story of a young man’s tenacity to thrive in his work, an elderly woman’s need for remission of her past , and the pandora’s box that is opened as they unleash their stories. They are brought together by the history that neither can escape. As Andy entered the Penbrook estate, after not having been there in a long while, and speaking to his interviewee, “He glared at Miss Penbrook. What did she know of being too white to be black and too black to be white?... He wasn’t either in his soul. He couldn’t be. He wasn’t raised to be.” (The Color of the Soul, 27) Andy’s conflicts that continue throughout the entirety of the book are derived from this lack understanding he had for himself. His dread of what his past meant for him and his relationship with Miss Penbrook was eventually overpowered by his courage to find the truth to these questions. Courage gained by truth and change can seem unlikely, but it sometimes holds the answer to
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