Flowers Of Algernon Literary Analysis

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“ The measure of intelligence is the ability to change, ” (Einstein). This shows that the more changing that happens is how much intelligence one has not how intellectual they are. In the short story “Flowers of Algernon” written by Daniel Keyes, a boy named Charlie Gordon is mentally impaired with an IQ of sixty-eight. It is hard for him to function in real society. He has to take tests and do things an average person would be able to do easily. In the story, two doctors were to use Charlie for a experiment that is to help triple his intelligence level. Thus, human engineering has more benefits than costs. To being with, one of the hardest things humans cannot understand about themselves is their emotions. For example, Charlie had a very difficult time trying to express his opinions and feeling towards others. He never loved someone, never knew what it was like to be in a relationship. Charlie never had friends that would want to hang out and have fun with him. One time when he thought he had friends they were just using him for entertainment. He said, “ It’s a funny thing I never knew that Joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me”. After the operation, Charlie had expressed what he thought was wrong and right. Ideas and peoples actions became more clear to Charlie. Charlie also noticed his love for…show more content…
He learned how to feel love towards others and find his true friends, he made a scientific discovery, and finally he learned how to accept himself for who he was. Charlie was able to accomplish more in that short period of time, compared to people who dedicate their life to understand those things. Thus, the operation was more of a help to Charlie than an expense. Just remembering that it is not how smart one is, but how intelligent one can
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