Floyd Mayweather Paragraph

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(Paragraph 1)
¨I don't fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure, so put pressure on me.¨ This Quote means that, the much somebody put on you, That should make you succeed better. Floyd Mayweather is a ¨ Game Changer¨ Because he is a successful Black male that encourages all race to be the best they can be and help kids stay off the streets and live life the right way.
(Paragraph 2)
When Floyd Mayweather was young, He was going through a lot. When he was about 2-years old, He had a barrel shotgun pointed to his head by an unknown person. Mayweather was Born February 24, 1977. He was Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The parents of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Father) and Deborah Sinclair (Mother). When Mayweather got in High School, He dropped
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Then, a couple of months later he became a famous Boxer. Also, he was a strong, fast, and fluent fighter. He always did what he was suppose to do as a Boxer and a Father.
(Paragraph 5) The World is better, because more children want to be like him or be like him, so they want to do the things he is doing. He persuades children to Box, because of his style, speed, and strength. Everybody want to be Known because they can do something to prove people that they can do what they want, and Floyd influences kids/ children to do that. Last, He have a Boxing Gym so that grown men or children can come in and show their talent so they can be the best they can be whenever or wherever they choose.
(Paragraph 6) The attitude that Floyd Mayweather Have is that he can do whatever he want when he want. That influences me that I can do the same to be successful. Also, he has an attitude that he can change the game, and that's what he did. He was successful and a Great Boxer before he retired. He want everybody to do what they want to, but do it in a positive way, Not an negative
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