Flu Pandemic Problems

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In the past century, the world was alarmed by influenza viruses that killed hundreds of thousands. The virus is extremely dangerous due to the fact that it transmits easily through food, air, water or by the contact of skin. The most recent flu pandemic occurred is in 2009 which is known as swine flu H1N1. The term “flu pandemic” can be defined as epidemic of a type of influenza virus that spreads seasonally in an enormous scale around the world. The emergence of problems to a country to brace the consequences of the infectious disease is frightful and need to be closely examined. This essay will explain the challenges that will be faced by the government due to the possibility of a flu pandemic in the next decade by elaborating three main…show more content…
It is believed when a country is being infected by such a terrifying disease a significant loss to certain businesses would possibly happen. Based on a study made by Garret, the author supports this statement in his survey on the economic effects in the 1918 influenza pandemic that most businesses majoring the service and entertainment sectors had experienced great lost in earnings during a flu pandemic (Garret, 2008). Dow (2015) also mentions in her report that, one of the problems that scare Melbourne living activities is influenza pandemic by a reason that the harmful virus could possibly cause the shutting down of public transport services, sports matches cancellation and school closure. Moreover, absenteeism of employees due to the infection of the virus can cause the company to experience insufficient workers and eventually lessen the productivity and efficiency of the production rate. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that due to the widespread disease, the workplace will experience absenteeism of workers approximately 40 percent because of health concern or death in the workforces (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2009). Thus, all organizations should have a robust plan to encounter the impact of staff absenteeism. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for pandemic…show more content…
Firstly, the essay explains about the financial problem that is likely to occur in order to supply sufficient amount of vaccines and antivirals to all parties. Next, poor business continuity management plans could possibly lead to the declination of economy. Lastly, the unsteady infectivity of the virus in all places could potentially result in the disorganization of the governmental responsibilities as the virus is lethally dangerous. It is believed that financial problem is the most crucial as without it the government can easily tolerate the other problems. Therefore, it could be concluded that the flu pandemic is fearsome by the effect itself and by the consequences that will impact the economic and societal of a country and the government should have been aware in this much earlier in order to avoid chaotic

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