Flu Shot Administration Case Study

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The purpose of the Flu Shot Administration is to provide a community with a free comprehensive health care service that will prevent them for seasonal illness. We were able to decode the demographics of Thornton City in zip code 80229 to identified key activities and the team was able to specify the skill sets needed of each individual. After reviewing the Work Breakdown Structure, it was determined that we have allocated enough people to carry out the goals and objectives of our project.

One of the major tools in our project that we needed to manage carefully is allocating resources. We believe that we able to allocate adequate human and financial resources to our project due to our extensive budget provided by the sponsor. As the project progresses, if we determine that one source is over allocated there a few approaches we may take to resolve the issues. For
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The plan that will be used to manage motivation includes the following inputs: setting realistic goals, conducting after action review at the end of each milestone, and implementing any changes necessary in order to enhance the team performance. We have also determined that tracking the team performance, sharing personal productivity tips and celebrating success is beneficial in maintain their motivation.

As in most cases, the team will encounter some conflicts regarding the direction of the project or individual tasks, roles and responsibilities. Therefore, it is imperative that as conflict arises, they are handled immediately. Confronting, Compromising, and Smoothing, are three of the five modes described in Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling that are highly favorable for conflict resolution for our project (Kerzner, 2001). We choose these three modes because they have a negotiable technique. It allows an open line of communication which can lead to solving the
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