Flubber Observation

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Rigel was asked if he wanted to participate in a touching activity. He had answered yes. The teacher had Rigel to sit next to the blue tray. She then took out a container with pink starburst flubber. The teacher had Rigel take the flubber out of the container and had him place the flubber onto his tray. After he took the flubber out he was asked to smell the flubber and identify what it smelled like. Rigel smelled the flubber and said it smelt like strawberries. The teacher told Rigel that he was correct it was strawberry flavored. Rigel then began squishing the flubber in his hands by squeezing it and watching the flubber leak between his fingers. The flubber started off hard and when Rigel first touched it he said “it feels cold and slimy

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