Fluency Should Be Taught In Schools

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Fluency Fluency is the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with expression. When students become fluent readers they must be able to recognize most words automatically and be able to identify unfamiliar words. Automaticity is when readers recognize familiar words without thinking twice. Students also must be able to apply phonics to decode unfamiliar words. Readers also should be able to break longer words into syllables because it is easier to decode them. Speed is how many words students can read per minute. Students are expected to read at least 100 words per minute. Students speed will vary depending on the purpose and the text complexity. Prosody is when students read with expression and with the appropriate phrasing. Prosody is…show more content…
The students will write out sentences on construction paper. Then they will stand close together or far apart to understand how you are supposed to read a sentence.
2. The teacher will put students into groups and each group will have a box of dominoes with words on them. The groups will have to make as many sentences as they can that make sense. They will connect the dominoes.
3. The students will get into groups. Each group will have a passage. The students will get to practice reading it together. After they do that then they will have to read it as a group in front of the class. The students will decide who read the passage with the best expression.
4. The students will have a sentence that can be said in many different expressions. The students will roll a dice that has different emotions on it and whatever emotion the dice lands on then the student has to read the sentence with that emotion.
5. The students will have a partner and every group will have a stopwatch. The students will have a story and they will read it to each other. The other students will have the stopwatch. The student with the stopwatch will set it for one minute. We will see how many words each student can read in a

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