Fluffy's Bees Short Story

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Fluffy’s Bees Bees, every time I would see a single bee or a hive I would turn and run in the other direction, bees were my greatest fear since I was five years old. Visiting my dad and stepsisters and stepmom for the whole summer I faced my all time fear of bees, because of my two stepsisters Moni and Josie who wouldn’t wash the bee off their dog Fluffy. This is when I faced my fear. Landing my long flight in San Diego, California, I met my dad at the end of the dock where he would stand and wait for me since I was minor flying alone. On the way to the luggage claim we see my step sister Moni, everytime I land in San Diego or take off she 's always there at the security line to check passengers in and out. Looking for my blue luggage bag…show more content…
Josie comes around the corner and tells me what has happened while I was gone, then tells me about the beehive in the backyard next to the little swing set. A few days pass and Fluffy decides that he wants to go roll in the sand next to the swing set and rolls on top of a few bees in the process of rolling. Moni and Josie start screaming and yelling which makes me get up from the couch to see what 's happening and that’s when I notice there’s bee’s on Fluffy. Both chicken out from washing the bee’s off, so they decide to push me to face my fear of bees and wash them off fluffy. Feeling sick and thinking of all the possible things that could happen to me if I got near the bee hive I start to become hesitant and run to the opposite of the backyard where nothing is and start to panic. I could smell the green plants and dusty sand that makes me feel sick to my stomach and started to taste every little particle of air that was around me until they drag me to the hose and force me. Shooting Fluffy with the hose nearly knocking him off the concrete I was able to get the bee’s off of him. It was the worst ten minutes of my day, Fluffy and I became drenched in water and decided to go roll around somewhere else after the bee’s got washed off. Then my sisters told me I faced my terror of bees and saved Fluffy from a dozen
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