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Friction is a force that fights against any motion between two surfaces that are in contact with each other, and is a delaying force that resists motion in the opposite direction to the motion of that object. There are four categories of friction which are; Rolling, Sliding, Fluid, and Static Friction. Rolling Friction occurs when an object rolls over a surface, such as a soccer ball getting kicked across a grassy field, and eventually will slow down more quickly than a ball kicked across a smooth, hard surface since the rolling friction is far greater on the field. Or when bikes have thicker wheels that will lessen the speed of the bike since there is a greater wheel surface to create friction against the surface, slowing down the bike. Sliding…show more content…
Motion is the change in position over time against a reference point, and is the procedure of an object changing place or position. Sir Isaac Newton, a famous mathematician and scientist, had created three laws based on motion. The first law was based on inertia, the tendency of an object to resist any change in motion, which states, “Objects at rest, stay at rest, unless acted upon by a force,” and, “Objects in motion, stay in motion, unless acted upon by a force.” This law explains that if an object were to travel at a constant speed in the same direction, it would continue to do this until it is pulled or pushed by something. If we think about a gravity-free zone, such as space, we could picture throwing a rock out into outer space. And this marble would continue to go at the same speed in the same direction unless there is a force, a push or pull, acting upon by it, making it either slow down, speed up, or just change it’s direction. Newton’s second law of motion states, “The acceleration of any object depends upon the mass of the object, and the force applied.” This meaning that if a person were wanting to increase the amount of force they put into something, they should increase either their mass, acceleration, or both. However, if they were wanting to decrease the amount of force they put into something, they would have to decrease mass, acceleration, or both. Lastly, for Newton’s third law of motion, it states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite…show more content…
These objects are staying at rest until an outside force acts upon it. Another example would be when a rider on a horse is jerked forward when the horse suddenly stops, this is due to the inertia of motion. This person will stay in motion until an outside force is acted upon it, in this case, it was the horse

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