Summary: The Nature Of Membranes

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This nature of membranes is mainly because of the membrane structure.It is the phospholipids and the molecules present in the membrane that bring about fluidity of membranes. Fluidity mainly depends on temperature, nature of fatty acids and length of the fatty acid chain. Plasma membrane contains phospholipids, as the structure of a phospholipid molecule is examined, it could be clearly understood that it has two distinct regions a polar head, which is hydrophilic, and a non-polar tail that is hydrophobic. (a) The nature of the fatty acid present in the membrane. The nature of phospholipid in the membrane is determined by the presence of the hydrocarbon chain in phospholipid molecules. When the fatty acid becomes saturated that it does…show more content…
( P4.1,M 2.2) Proteins separation techniques. Proteins are essential components for the physiological functions therefore, separating proteins based on molecular size, charge solubility charge, and affuminity are done. Ex: proteins like drugs,such as insulin, growth hormones, herceptin, imferons, erythropoitin. SDS page: This is a techniques separating protein molecules based on component size or component rates. Native proteins migration in a electric field depend on 3 factors. 1) Intrinsic charge of the proteins 2) Voltage of electro pholtic units 3) Molecular radious. If proteins are able to be separated based on molecular size factors like intrinsic charge and molecular radious must be nutralized. Therefore, in this technique SDS (sodium dodiside sulfate) page use SDS that provides negative net charge to one another protein components at the same as they are detergent is it into linear structure. Due to these reasons factors like molecular radious and intrinsic charge be nutralized are not ancountered in SDS page. Ultimately protein components separate out only based on molecular weight/ size. In SDS page various buffers different usage such as tris- Hcl, tris- glycine; as well as 2 gell system are co- orporated (stacking gell & running gell). The reason for this is in SDS page the sample volumes are big higher 1cm3

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