In Praise Of The F Word By Mary Sherry Summary

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Elona Kalaja
Professor Eleni Saltourides
ENG 101
Critical Analysis Paper
February 21, 2018
Flunking vs Students
In the article, “In Praise of the F Word” Mary Sherry argues that flunking students is a method that has been effective in the past and is still effective todays day, and anyone needs to see is as a positive teaching tool. Sherry indicates that flunking students is a method that motivates students to study more and to be more responsible for what is their responsibility. Students challenge is not to get an A or B, but to succeed or to fail. Being in front of this challenge students try to work harder in order to succeed. In the article, Sherry uses pieces of evidence from her personal experience and examples to support her thesis. Also, her article is well-organized, and Sherry uses an academic language. However, Sherry do not consider many aspects that might affect students. She gives to much importance the example that she gives with her son. But can only a person represent all students? As a result, her argument is not convincing, and her try to persuade her audience fails.
The first reason why Sherry’s argument is unconvincing is because it lacked evidence. She uses as
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Her argument is not based on evidence or researches, it is based only in her personal experience and examples. The attitude that she keeps is not the attitude of a teacher and so much less of a parent. She looks very immature and it makes her argument ineffective, so her try to convince her audience fail. Excluding students from the audience is inevitable because they are the center of the discussion. However, Sherry leaves them out, she made up her audience by teachers and parents. How can teachers find a compromise between flunking and students? Well, it will happen if students pay more attention to studies and teachers be more reasonable with
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