Fluoride Argumentative Essay

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Statistics say that 67% of US citizens receive fluoridated water. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate, and debate people have. Many have taken sides on whether or not this is bad, and many have voiced their opinions quite loudly. Here are some articles to help educate the public on what fluoride is, what it does, and what people think. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a substance that many types of toothpaste use to help to strengthen the enamel on a person’s teeth. When used in small amounts, it’s perfectly fine, but in larger amounts, fluoride can be toxic, leading to the weakening of bones, cancer, and other problems in the body. When used in great amounts on children’s teeth, it can lead to dental fluorosis, which is the…show more content…
Those are all brought about when a person has had far too much fluoride and can be very easily controlled if someone just watches their intake of fluoride through asking questions to their water provider, checking labels, and being safe around massive fluoride sources. The CDC had this to say on the topic of fluorosis, cancer, and all of the other problems brought about when dealing with fluoride: "As far as the CDC is concerned, there's no credible evidence of any kind to indicate that fluoride causes any health problems, except in conditions where there's too much." The CDC understands that fluoride can bring about problems in the human body, but nobody should be concerned when drinking fluoridated water, as everyone there is doing their best to keep the water safe for drinking. It isn’t like they want to try and poison the population with over-fluoridating the water. It would be very difficult to get enough fluoride to damage the human body through fluorosis, and the main problem is swallowing toothpaste. When taken in reasonable amounts, fluoride will do no more than strengthen your teeth. It is one of the top 10 advancements in health (Singer
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