Fluoride In Drinking Water Essay

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Purified water is essential for living a healthy life as such everyone should have access to it. Drinking water conditions have great impacts on people especially in the rural and remote areas where access to safe drinking water is very important. Drinking untreated water may cause to fatal diseases. Statistics shows that these diseases resulted in ninety percent of all deaths of children under five years old in developing countries, due to low immunization of children to infection. Most of the people in the rural areas are not able enough to use water filters or buy mineral water bottles. To overcome this problem many efforts have been done due to which cleaning water may become an affordable commodity. The best way is to provide
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It prevents the spread of water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc. Whereas Nalgonda and Prasanthi Technique is a method used for defluoridation. Fluoride in drinking water can be beneficial or detrimental to human health depending on the concentration. Fluorides to a level of 1mg/l has been shown to reduce dental cavities among children. When water supplies contain excessive fluoride concentration, the teeth of most young consumers become spotted with a permanent black or grey discoloration. Children who have been drinking water containing 5mg/l or more of fluoride may eventually lose their teeth due to the effect. Bone changes and crippling fluorosis may also result from long term consumption of fluoridated water. A study from the Harvard school of Public Health found exposure to fluoride as a child correlated with lower IQ. However, no known deterious effects of drinking fluoridated water have been observed when the concentration of fluoride is kept within prescribed limits.
Most of the drinking water source for small communities in Mizoram are spring and river water. As Mizoram is a hilly area which gets higher quantity of rain and no such big industries which poses threat to the water source are yet present, the water quality is very good compared to other regions. These makes it much easier in the drinking water supply

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