Fluoride Pros And Cons

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A Fluoridated Debate Have you ever thought about what you ingest in your body? Think about the numerous variations of chemicals added to “cleanse” your water. Is your drinking water truly safe, or is some deep conspiracy linked to water you drink every day. One of these said chemicals is fluoride. Most water plants all over the United States use at least one part per million of fluoride in tap water. It is supposed to help developing children have healthier teeth but there is significant debate to spark inquisitive curiosity. Over exposure to fluoride could cause cancer, lower I.Q. level, calcify your pineal gland, cause girls to reach puberty at an earlier stage of development, and can even help develop Down syndrome. However, though there…show more content…
Most researchers have their minds made up about the mineral. However researchers that oppose fluoride feel that it has not had enough research to be in our water. On the C.D.C. website the argument was clearly pro, Fluoride is good. For seventy years, U.S. citizens have suffered less cavities and created over all better oral health due to fluoridation. On the informational website they say, “Drinking fluoridated water keeps the teeth strong and reduces tooth decay by approximately twenty-five percent in children and adults.” Over 2/3 of Americans have been helped by fluoride. Whether it was fluoridated water or high content in tooth paste. The mineral/drug was introduced in the 1950s when it was discovered to be naturally occurring in our bodies and helps strengthen our teeth to fight through tooth decay. Water fluoridation has helped people save time and money, with less dental expenses and visits. Tooth decay is still a major problem today in adolescence and has yet to be completely prevented. The C.D.C.’s article also states that, “Community water fluoridation has been identified as the most cost effective method of delivering fluoride to all members of the community regardless of age, educational attainment, or income level.” So in conclusion, fluoride saves time and money for Americans by preventing tooth decay. There has been a drastically declining amount of tooth decay since the 1960s. Fluoride in our water supply has been deemed as one of the top ten greatest public health achievements in the 20th

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