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The book Flush, by Carl Hiaasen, is one of the best books that I have read in awhile. It presents a serious environmental issue, that everyone should be aware of by now. The book is about a father and his son, primary; with the help of others, to stop a boat from dumping its waste into the ocean of the Florida Keys. This issue is an interest to me because I love the environment and being outdoors, so I try to take care of the environment and have other people around me to take care of the environment as well. Noah’s dad had waited until three in the morning, when the last of the crew was gone, to sneak aboard. He'd untied the ropes and started one of the engines and idled out to the mouth of the basin, where he'd opened the seacocks and cut the hoses and disconnected the bilge pumps and then dived overboard.
Parents need to know that this is an ends-justify-the-means kind of book: The heroes, young and old, behave recklessly, often stupidly, and at times illegally, but because their intentions are good that's portrayed as admirable. Also, as the main topic is the illegal dumping of sewage, there's a fair amount of potty humor.
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Their father is also impulsive and reckless, and has been in and out of jail. Their grandfather was involved with thieves and smugglers.
Most people say nothing’s wrong with our world. But they’re wrong. In both books, Night of the Spadefoot Toads and Flush, problems occur. And they are both related to the environment. In the book Flush, by author Carl Hiaasen, the main problem is the fact that Dusty Muleman, the owner of a gambling/casino boat, is dumping the sewage off the boat into the ocean illegally. The Night of the Spadefoot Toads, by Bill Harley, deals with the extinction of habitats, vernal pools, for Spadefoot Toads. Books like this show the obstacles characters face to give justice to the environment and the life that lives in
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