Fly Balls: A Short Story

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Last year I tried out for baseball. I threw the ball, Swung the bat, and caught the fly balls, but unfortunately, I didn’t make the team. I couldn’t believe that some of the people that were on the team made it before I did. I thought that it was all a joke to mess with me because one of the people who made it told me the website to go to to find the list. I learned that was the real list so I just sat down. Then, I emailed the coach about what I didn’t do. I was as happy as a clown. He asked me to travel with the team.

So it took about a million years, but the season finally started. I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for it to start, and then it did. I was immediately used to going all these places with the team. I never put on a uniform, but I went everywhere. Whenever there would be a game, it was always a fun night. I would go to our backyard to watch us play another team on our home turf. I can remember the first game of the season very vividly. I was sitting on the floor in P.E. We were being lectured on good behavior in the locker room because some of the kids were being mean to the other kids. Then, we were saved by the bell. Consequently, we weren’t let out of P.E. We had to finish the lecture in order to leave. After an eternity, they finished the lecture. Then we all got ready to go back to the field. We all warmed up and the starters took the field. It was about 90 degrees out so it was a little hot,but with all the tension in the dugout, the field was heavy with nerves. That day, and for the rest of the season, I
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I broadcasted that match for the entire city to hear. Unfortunately, we lost the game, ending our state run. This year will be different though. This year coach is going to Hawaii one day before our regional games start. We all agreed that it would be amazing if he could come home to us on a state run. I still tried out for baseball last year, and didn’t make
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