Fly Guys Company Case Study

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Through the database management system a business will enjoy access to quality information that is crucial for decision making. Fly Guys Company in this case requires a database management system which is accurate and which can be updated regularly. There is no doubt that both Microsoft access and Microsoft Access are incredible when it comes to creating a database. The CEO of Fly Guys Company was looking for Microsoft office application that he could use for database management. The system was required for keeping the details of passengers, booking details made by passenger as well as calculation of price of the passenger tickets based on departure point and destination. The trick on pricing model used by the company is that it offers discount to regular customer of the company and this has to be included in the system. The system would also be used to generate reports with details of number of bookings for each part of the journey. In addition the report would also detail the revenue that is generated in a flight schedule. Lastly the CEO was looking for a system that would generate up to date list of bookings for each day of the working week.
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The data require a relational database since multiple tables were required for completeness of information. Even if at the moment there were no many passengers the planes could increase in the future as well as the passengers and therefore the growth of database in such a scale could not be accommodated by excel. This could translate into thousands of passengers in a given week and therefore access will be the most likely application to handle such a huge database. When database data need to be shared with other applications Access is more compatible with other database applications such as Microsoft SQL and therefore another reason I chose to use this
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