Fly On The Wall Documentary 'Educating Essex'

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As a 16 year old student, I was outraged when I read an article from Daily Mail published on the 6th of November 2011 written by Levy and Davidson, which illustrated young people in a negative way. This article was based on fly on the wall documentary titled ‘Educating Essex’. The article was titled “What sort of example is this to set our children?. The title suggests that young people are setting examples of what being a teenager means for young children who are on their way to becoming a teenager. The article is about life at Passmores School and Technology College in Harlow, Essex which shows teachers and students who are shown as being rude, aggressive, inappropriate and very informal. In addition It describes things such as teenage pregnancy, bullying, cyber harassment and many more negative factors of youth.

The negativity towards teenagers is in my opinion is really unfair. This show that the writer had bad experiences with young people in the past, but I think it’s unfair that he express his opinions in such negative way.

This writer is misinformed, incorrect and very insulting. Till this day teenagers are already being viewed in a negative way by stereotypes around them, moreover, I think most of the teenagers around the world are not part of gangs, rape or drug dealing. This article is misleading others
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The teacher uses foul language against the school students. We see this when it says “teachers brand pupils ‘scumbags’. This suggests that the writer is very dramatic and is someone who has no understanding of the difficult tasks the teachers have to go through everyday. Teachers can be stressed due to the work and can affect the student and teacher relationship in many different ways.I disagree with this point because in my school none of my teachers has never called me foul names, been disrespectful or rude. Teachers and students have always had a very professional
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