Ikanatass Compare And Contrast Essay

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Park is half-Korean from his mother and he can do taekwondo and he has brother his name is Josh. He likes reading comic and listening music. Eleanor has a less confident, she is fat and she has long, wavy and red hair. Eleanor is transfer student. And the first time when she went to the school she took school bus and when she get in to the bus her new friends look her with a strange look and said the harsh word to her and mock her they said the fat girl with red hair. When Eleanor took the bus she didn’t get the place to sit. The one and only the left chair is beside Park and suddenly park let her sit beside him. So the first time Eleanor meet Park is in the bus. A few days later park sit together again and Park read comic and suddenly Eleanor stare the…show more content…
For example critical eleven and the architecture of love which written by IkaNatassa. She is one of the great authors who have many best seller novels. Beside that there is a novel which title Fly to the sky which is written by Nina Ardianti and Moemoe Rizal. The similarities between Rainbow Rowell work (Eleanor and Park) and IkaNatassa (critical eleven and the architecture of love) is mainly tell about two characters and in this book it tell about each character story. In Eleanor and Park has side of Eleanor and Park story or part. Usually the other author writes each unit which blended their story so the main character does not have their own part of story literally. And the way the author present acknowledgment similar with Ika Natassa present in her works. Furthermore, it is similar with Fly to the Sky. This novel tells about two different persons from their appearance, occupation, and behavior. But from the differences, they need for each other and it is like completing the missing puzzle. Then, the way of the author presents the characters is equally like Rainbow do with her work is Eleanor and
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