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A fly wheel is something that many people may not be familiar with. I was also unaware of what this piece of technology was and what it does until I interviewed my father who is a fly wheel technician. I learned through this interview that this is a very important piece of technology. Joe Bolstrum, a shop leader of Fly Wheel Division and Bplug works at Beaver Aerospace and Defense where he has worked with fly wheels for 8 years. His job revolves around creating and repairing fly wheels which are a “mechanical battery that uses energy stored in the form of a rotating carbon fiber cylinder, spins at 53 thousand rpms (2.5 mach) or 1893 mph in a vacuum chamber. This amount of stored energy can deliver 190 kwatts of power for 12 seconds. This is…show more content…
“Our fly wheels bridge that eight seconds so that no power loss is seen to the critical equipment. In Military applications, they are used in the Minuteman II missile ICBM program. For this application, it can secure the missile silo with the 15 thousand pound concrete plug to prevent any unauthorized entry in the service area. It can do this even if all power is cut to the silo.” They “bear resemblance to a fridge…Housed within is a PCM (Power Conversion (Module) which uses incoming power to spin the flywheel up to 53 thousand RPM which can supply 190 kwatts and supplies it back to the power grid. An MLM (Magnetic Levitation Module) keeps the carbon fiber fly wheel levitate while rotating. This needs to be done because the friction that would be generated by something spinning that fast would burn up any mechanical FWM (Fly Wheel Module) which houses the carbon fiber fly wheel in a 1 inch thick steel vacuum chamber. It has to be housed in this chamber because if it failed the energy of the flywheel could damage anyone standing near…show more content…
There are two problems with this. One is the more weight the fly wheel has, the more dangerous it is because it is a larger amount of potential energy that could be released in an uncontrolled environment. It has a 1:1 increase of power (mass) as the weight of the fly wheel increases, the power output increases by that same amount. Our fly wheel is made out of carbon fiber which is considerably lighter than their steel ones. When that fails, the flywheel turns to dust thus there is no potential danger from steel fragments. The second benefit of ours is you get a squaring of the

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