Flying Monkey Short Story

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Flying Monkey? Yes, It Is Possible - 10 Pictures Birds that can fly are happy because they can see the world with different eyes. But what happens when the monkey wants to fly and is that really possible? When you really want something, the dreams become reality, as in the following story. Macaw Parrots These are blue and gold macaw parrots. In the layout, they are all similar. All macaw parrots are pretty big, have strong beaks and beautiful colors. Their appearance is truly fascinating, with a golden-yellow color under the wings, while their upper part is covered with beautiful blue. But maybe not all are the same. Meet the Parrot While this parrot does not stand out much from the frames which are typical for the kind to which he belongs,…show more content…
Since we do not even know his name, we can simply call him the Monkey. This squirrel monkey belongs to the new generation of monkeys, a very popular one, so people often kept them as pets. Enjoying the Company Although enjoying the society of equal members is the most beautiful thing to experience, not all participants have the same wishes and potentials. From this society, our little friend Monkey will separate from friends with the wish to change his place of residence and to gain new companions. Let's Run Away From the Forest In search of new adventures, this Monkey will rush through the forest which is probably a place already well-known and will head through the unknown way. It is eager to see the world different from the one that was promised to him by birth. The forest will stay far behind him, and he will sail uncharted waters. Somewhere in Colombia Very quickly the path of our main hero will cross with the trail through which the Parrot goes. Their first meeting took place in a hotel in San Agustin, Columbia. So, right here was born the great love and friendship. Two completely different animals began to share space in which they lived, the food and everything else. However, this is only the beginning of an interesting
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