Flying Themes In Flying Theme

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Flying Theme
The Flying Theme in ET is an outstanding example of William’s dramatic style as a composer – often with thundering bass or delightfully undulating strings. As Elliot soars through the night sky on his bike, the string instruments billow through, heightening the action on screen, underlining the exhilaration and astonishment of the scene.
Variations of this iconic theme are used all throughout the film, including the climatic chase scene.
Mom reads peter pan to Gertie
Elliott first introduces Michael and Gertie to E.T., or when Elliott and E.T.
This excerpt utilises quieter moments of wonder and awe, highlighted by the sparser instrumentation and the flourishing of the ascending harps, taking on a dreamier quality.
When Keys and the goons show up, the music features inquisitive yet ominous horns to accentuate the on-screen tension and action.
…show more content… E.T has no less than 8 major, recurring themes in the score and several minor motifs combines with a keen sense of instrumental choices and the extensive choice of stylistic decides has allowed for musical flow and
Overall, the multitude of themes in E.T merged the extensive expressive techniques and succession of strident notes forms a spectacular accompaniment for the film
A – melody

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