Flynn Aero Cobalt: Plot Essay

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Flynn Aero Cobalt is a very friendly person, they have shortish dark dirty blond hair and freckles. They play the keyboard and love to sit outside on warm days and read. They enjoy playing soccer for fun, no teams, just at home. Other than that they are not athletic. Flynn lives in the San Francisco bay area, on the other side of the golden gate bridge. Flynn was born in a little suburban town in Arizona. Flynn’s parents on the other hand were born up in New England. They love the color orange, because that was the color of Flynn’s teacher’s grading pen, Flynn liked it because the only grade the Flynn saw was an A. Flynn only gets A’s. Flynn has a weird love of answering phone calls, especially on the landline. The excitement of figuring out…show more content…
Flynn goes to bed at 10:30 exactly. Flynn like to eat mangoes. Flynn loves watching the tv show Chicago Med. Flynn exercises by walking their families 2 french bulldogs, Koa and Haku. Flynn always went barefoot, no socks. Flynn wakes up with an alarm. Flynn gets their haircut at Jack Of All Fades. Flynn showers and uses dove soap. Favorite book: “Symptoms Of Being Human”. Flynn is alright at computers. Flynn loves abstract art(painting) and has won many art contests. Flynn is straight out democratic. Flynn is an only child. Flynn has two grandpas still alive. Flynn calls them Opa and Afi. Flynn is very close with their mom, not dad. Flynn, despite not exercising much is very healthy. Flynn is asexual, and hasn’t came out yet. Flynn has a peanut allergy. Flynn burns in the sun easily. Flynn’s biggest weakness is not talking about their feelings. Flynn’s biggest strength is either art or maths. Born 14.5 years ago. Flynn has a few cavities and braces. Flynn has a birthmark on the back of their right hand. Flynn has a small hand tattoo on their back. Flynn is on Instagram, with many followers since Flynn is very
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