FGM Vs Circumcision Essay

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While circumcision and FGM are anatomically similar, the two procedures could not be performed for more different reasons. Both practices involve the removal of sensitive, nerve filled areas in the genitals, but circumcision is not done to prevent sexual interest. For women, the sole reason for FGM is to prevent female promiscuity, to keep women virgins so they can be married off. Whether or not a man is circumcised has no bearing on his social status, his ability to marry, or directly relates to his worth as a human being. The most fascinating part is that even though the foreskin and the clitoris seem to serve similar functions, the removal of foreskin does not deter men from being interested in sex the way FGM deters women. The differences between these two procedure highlights the sexual inequality women face in society.…show more content…
Removing a girl’s clitoris is a decision to prevent here from having sex. Cutting a boy’s foreskin off is done for his hygiene. It is done so that HIV doesn’t spread and so that a boy feels cleaner. Changings a female’s genitals is done to control sexuality her sexuality. FGM often times results in infections and is done without anesthesia, making it a painful process for girls to endure, whereas circumcision is done hours after birth in a clean, controlled environment reducing the risk of infections for boys. It’s interesting to considered that FGM is done to benefit men much like circumcision is done to benefit men. The distinctions between FGM and circumcision mirror a larger trend in society: a trend that embraces male genitalia and male promiscuity and chastises female sexual pleasure. FGM is done to keep women virgins for the man they marry. It is not done for any sort of health benefit or to help them. It’s done so men can feel more secure with their wives knowing they will be faithful to only
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