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There are always two sides to an action and we have known that for quite some time. So to ask if the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is better or worse for fire departments strikes a conversation. This conversation is focused on the question of, what extent has the FMLA had an impact on the fire service? Through researching the benefits and challenges that departments are faced with the FMLA has benefited the fire service. The benefits of the FMLA are focused on the employee through the ability to take time off work to care for family, as well as provide them with the security of maintaining their employment. Another benefit but for the employer is that there is options for assigning this Act and there are creative ways to fill the gaps in…show more content…
Sometime the treatment and care that the family member or individual is receiving is expensive. Nonetheless, the options provided by FMLA are beneficial and if the person could afford to forgo the money during that time period it is a great option. The last benefit to the employee that stood out was, continued health care provision during the time of absence. Thus this should be able to help with the medical care cost if needed. Possibly augmenting any lost in pay that could be necessary for treatment. All these benefits to the employee could cause employers to look at FMLA in a negative light. However, with some creativity and resourcefulness the once negative employee support tool can become strength of the department. Cost and liability are the major concerns of the employer immediately with regards to FMLA. Cost is listed first, for the reason that the route of all decisions is “how much will it cost?” This question is heard all too often and is on the forefront of every manager’s mind. So to ease that worry, having the right resources in place can reduce the cost associated when an employee is granted time off for

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