Reflective Essay: Fo Xin Gui Shou

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At a -7⁰C the phrase “Fo Xin Gui Shou” (pronounced foe seen gweigh show) meant nothing to me. Translated to mean “Buddha Heart, Ghost Hands,” this was the only thing that Dr. Wang Yue repeated to me as we stared into the distance while we waited for the last bus of patients in the city of Da Li to come to clinic. Night had fallen and the snow from earlier on in the day had made road travel difficult. It was the last day of my community service for my Internal Medicine rotation. Dr. Wang Yue was one of the country 's leading Internist/Nephrologist. Our hospital, Peking University Third Hospital, routinely dispatched teams of volunteers with medical supplies to the rural areas of China to provide specialist care for the underprivileged. That night, the clinics weren’t heated, and our jackets, hot tea, and the body warmth of each other were the only sources of heat we had. Just as I began to lose sensation in my fingers, I saw the headlights of the bus in the distance with the 30 or so patients on board. I prayed, “Dear God, please don’t let them be sick.” Dr. Wang Yue must have overheard my prayer because he smiled at me and repeated, “Fo Xin Gui Shou.” We treated all of the patients and were done at 01:37. We headed back to the airport and like thieves in the night, we were gone.…show more content…
He was right. Regrettably, it was not until my last days in China did I understand his phrase. It came to me as I gave away the appliances and some clothing I would no longer have use for to my housekeeper. Fo Xin - A Buddha Heart is one that looks past himself and does everything he can to help others. He gives fully of himself and he expects nothing in return. He loves everyone, treats everyone fairly, and always helps those less fortunate than

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