Focus Group Reflection Paper

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At the focus group meeting, which consisted of three cath lab nurses and six charge nurses, recommendations and suggestions for improving the SBAR communication form were discussed and voted on for approval by a show of hands. Using the focus group's recommendations, I created a revised and updated hand-off tool to be used hospital-wide for all nurses to use on every patient. The focus group reviewed the finished form and after full acceptance it was submitted to the director for approval. After reviewing, the director stated he was pleased with the end product, and declared it would be submitted to the hospital committee for affirmation. Approximately two weeks later, the director informed me that the committee was delighted with the updated hand-off form and that it was being forwarded to the next department for endorsement. I found out later that it was being sent to the company’s Policies and Procedures Board in Tennessee for review, which is corporate headquarters. The final step of approval would be determined by the Medical Executive Committee.
The sustainability plan for this application project includes increasing
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Characteristics portrayed by transformational leaders include: uplifting, charismatic, trustworthy, respectful, and loyal. These are dynamic individuals who take on an interactive process between people to fulfill changes and focus on a common goal. They are highly motivated and articulate individuals that have the ability to inspire workers to take on projects they would ordinarily be uncomfortable doing, while unknowingly, they become the leaders. Transformational leaders “focus on merging the motives, desires, values, and goals of leaders and followers into a common way” (Sullivan, 2017 p.46). This type of leadership is a natural role for most nurse
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