Focus Movie Poster Analysis Essay

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Focus Movie Poster Visual Analysis Focus is a comedy and crime film released in February of 2015. The film grossed 53.8 million dollars. A big part of the film’s marketing campaign was its movie poster. Movie posters have been a big part of advertising for films since their beginnings in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The main focus of movie posters are to draw the audience to watch the movie. Due to the rating of R, the main audience of the film Focus is anyone above the age of 17. A lot of thought, money, and time are put into the design of a movie poster. In the movie poster of Focus, there’s elements of pathos and ethos throughout the movie poster’s designs. The main appeal is pathos; however, some may argue that the main appeal is ethos because of the authority and creditably of the co-stars of…show more content…
In the movie poster, there’s text saying “never lose focus.” The “never” and “lose” are yellow, but “focus” is white. The designer did this to distinguish the title from the saying. The poster is basically commanding the audience not to lose focus. This adds to the emotional appeal of the movie. Also, the title of Focus is out of focus. The irony of Focus being out of focus humors the audience and adds to the emotional appeal of the poster. The text placement also plays a big part in the pathos appeal. The text of “never” is placed above the heads of the actors, the text of “lose” is placed below the actors’ heads, and the text of “focus” is placed on the bottom of the poster. The designer did this so that the audience could see the actors’ faces, clothing, and Margot’s hand inside Will’s suit. Lastly, the release date’s text uses a smaller font and a dull shade of yellow. The subtleness of the release date doesn’t take away from the rest of the text and title, but the audience still recognizes it. The designer did this so the audience focused more on the title and
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