The Focused Leader Analysis

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Topic: The Focused Leader Goleman, D. (2013). The focused leader: How effective executives direct their own and their organization’s attention. Harvard Business Review, pp. 51-60. According to Daniel Goleman, there are three types of attention essential for a leader; attention on others, attention on oneself and attention on the entire world. Focusing on others and oneself cultivates emotional intelligence while focusing on the entire world improves the leader’s ability to innovate, strategize and manage organizations. An excellent leader should create a balance between these three types of attention. Therefore, directing attention by cultivating awareness is the main role of a leader. A leader will be able to make better decisions and connect with authentic self by getting in touch with their inner voice. This is a description of self-awareness. Self-awareness is all about drawing attention to internal psychological signals monitored by the insula and amygdala as somatic makers messages. Somatic makers tend to guide one’s attention into making a better decision based on a right or wrong feeling. Therefore, self awareness is combining one’s authentic self experience across time with sensory impressions. In addition to self awareness, self control is essential for a focused leader. Despite different disadvantages and distractions, an executive…show more content…
Communication in every rank should be respected as it provides different ideas. Also, the article advocates for strengthening every type of focus or attention by an executive leader through willpower. In addition, recruiting leaders with emotional intelligence and not system analyst as they are more of consultants than effective leaders is also recommended. In reference to this, individuals with superior understanding on systems are mainly assets and not
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