Fog In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Essay

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In Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, focuses on the destruction of the patient’s way of life caused by Nurse Ratched emitting fog to continue running a perfect combine machine, or system, throughout the ward. Nurse Ratched has continued to run a perfect system on the ward, and now that McMurphy is determined to rebel against her, she makes a fog appear to stop rebellious actions from happening. After McMurphy failed to switch the television to the time when the World Series game is on, Nurse Ratched “[switched] the fog machine on” and has began rolling in quickly to where the patients are “lost in it” to feel “safe again” (101). In this particular spot, Kesey provides an image of how the fog affects the patients. The fog prevents…show more content…
Kesey has created Nurse Ratched as a representation of how the ward works. Nurse Ratched works the ward like a combine, when something goes in; broken pieces become the end result. When Nurse Ratched loses her first battle with McMurphy, she ends up “hollering and squealing” about the “discipline and order” she has instilled throughout her years working in the ward (128). Here, Kesey presents how this small act of rebellion affects Ratched system she has perfected over the years. Even though she is screaming about discipline and order, the patients continue to ignore her pleas and sit in front of the television watching nothing. The small act of rebelling and Ratched losing signifies that even though McMurphy’s achievement was small, ruining the combine brings hope back to the patients that there is a slight chance they can save themselves from total destruction. Nurse Ratched emitting the fog to continue running a perfect “combine” has caused a continuous destruction of the patient’s life, and with McMurphy on their side, the patients have a slight chance of saving themselves from Nurse Ratched and the combine
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