The Fog Of War Analysis

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The Fog of war is a film about the life of Robert S.McNamara, the former secretary of defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administration covering alot of important events such as World War 2, Cuba Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. The fog of war is compination of the eleven lessons McNamara has acquire throughout his life and his working experience . From what i understood of the movie i can say that i agree that there is a fog of war. I agree with the statement because if we refer to some of the lessons of McNamara we can see that there is really a fog of war. Some of them are the following. One of the lessons showing that there is a Fog of war is when McNamara talks about empathize with your enemy. He says while the ambassador to moscow recommended Kennedy to take the soft message he also anticipated that Krushev would be more concerned with…show more content…
McNamara believes that is because of the human nature that war can’t end any time soon even taking in conceteration that we are all rational creatures, by our actions and decissions we show that rationality has limits. McNamara says he believes his words would appear powerless especially to othose who donot understand the concept of war and also misunderstand him since human are naturaly war-like. He futher tells us that he knew that if at that time he had spoken of it, he would have been damned and if he didnot he would have still been damned but he will prefer to be damned if he does not. In conclusion we can say that the Fog of War is a set of lessons that McNamara has experience toward his working period and its shows us that when it comes to war human are not rational in any aspect and that the list mistake or wrong decission might lead to a nuclear war or a global war
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