Fokus Family Services Case Study

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Fokus Family Services provides individual with an opportunity to re-construct their lives. The professional staff members are trained in the fields of: mental health, A.O.D.A., individual & family therapy, in home non-medical therapy, parenting assistance, education, home management, job coaching, life skills, anger management, and mentoring. Fokus embraces and seeks to preserve the entire family, while acknowledging adversity that continues to surpass our community, which causes disparity and hopelessness. The curriculum covers all areas and address issues as they are presented. Some issues, but not limited to are as followed: conflict resolution, problem solving, communication, building self-esteem, dealing with stress and discipline,…show more content…
It was an eye-opening moment for this writer as well. The leader did plan the need of the members based on the purpose of the group, the personalities, the needs of the members, and the levels of trust. Most of the members trusted the group to fill comfortable enough share the thoughts, except for the new members. The leader did a great job in implementing their plan (Jacobs, Schimmel, Masson, Harvill, 2016). Another interesting exercise that leader had the group do was called the Johari Window. This communication model was developed in 1955 by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. The two key ideas behind this tool is the build trust with others by disclosing information about yourself and you can learn about yourself and come to terms with personal issues with the help of feedback from others. The Johari Window is a four quadrant grid that consists of an open area, blind area, hidden area, and an unknown area. The open area represents the things that you know about yourself and things others know about you. The blind area represents the things you don’t know about yourself, but others know. The hidden area represents things that you know about yourself, but others don’t know. And
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