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Are you tired at work this morning? Did you have a late night or an early morning? Seems like you could use a cup of coffee. Just one cup. Maybe three cups. Having a 9am-5pm job can be tiring sometimes, but coffee will help get you through the day. The Office is about the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company where Michael Scott manages, and it is never a typical day with his employees. The energy in this mockumentary is upbeat and positive. Folgers Coffee should be advertised during the television show, “The Office”, because of the high ratings, relevancy, and how it is current today. Ratings can be controversial but are still important when it comes to products and television shows. Ratings can determine what kind of revenue will be brought in…show more content…
The product itself provides offerings for any consumer, and “sub-products” with the Folgers name allow consumers to adapt their coffee drinking to various needs or situations. (pg…show more content…
Sometimes, once a certain brand is preferred, customers will stick to that one brand. Sticking to that one brand is associated with being a loyal customer. In “Folgers: The New Era of Coffee” it also stated, “When it comes to some of the brand associations, Folgers is widely known as “traditional” and is often referred to as a brand that consumers “grew up” with, due to its popularity with older generations and its easily identifiable red, plastic container.” (pg 15) Once customers try it, they may start to drink only Folgers. If “The Office” would place Folgers in the show, it would be advertising the product. Product placement can be used as a source of advertising and a source of income for television shows. Not only is it advertising the show, but also the product. This can be a “win-win” situation for both parties involved. Both, Folgers and The Office, have been trending and will still trend for years to come. Coffee is more than just a trend, it is a lifestyle and that is why it should be paired with “The

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