Folk Music In The 20th Century

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Throughout the 20th century, various musical styles have developed greatly, and many genres have started to be part of the new "Popular Music". The new Popular Music is defined as music intended to be distributed in a wide manner. While the definition could also fit to older styles of art music, it is commonly used to describe current music. Folk Music The original term of Folk music, defined back in the 18th century by Johann Gottfried Herder was "music produced by communal composition and possessing dignity". However, the meaning of the term had changed later on, especially in the late 19th century, when folk became another word to describe a nation. Thus, the term of folk music now relates to rural musicians, performing their traditional…show more content…
It has first appeared in the end of the 19th century, and began to dominate a big part of the popular music in the early 20th century. The music is usually characterized by repetitive patterns such as call-and-response, in which two distinct phrases of chords corresponds one another, and chord progression, in which a phrase of chords is played with a similar change of pitch throughout it. Another important musical element appearing in Blues is the blue note – a note which pitch is noticeably different than the standard pitch defined in the song. The songs were often followed by lyrics with a simple narrative, usually repeating its lines multiple times in a single stanza. Blues music has evolved greatly later on in the 20th century, and was a stylistic origin for nearly every popular music genre created in the first half of the century. Jazz Another musical genre that went popular in the early 20th century was Jazz music. The genre took both the African-American Blues, and the European Classical music, and merged those into a vivid yet rather simple style, which is still very difficult to define in its…show more content…
Its progression has begun with the creation of Roots Rock (a combination of Rock, Blues, Country and Folk), Progressive Rock (including a variety of experimentations with other genres), and Jazz Rock, as well as metal, which over time became a style of its own. Rock has further expanded with the rise of Punk Rock and Alternative Rock. Pop Music Along with Rock music, Pop music (originally used as an abbreviated form of "Popular music") another massively popular and wide genre, has become extremely popular in the western society. Pop is usually very extensive in its style, as it often takes elements associated with genres, such as Dance, Rock, and Country. However, the music is similar in its structure and length. It is uncertain when and where Pop music began, but it is assumed that the first sight of Pop music as a genre of its own was around the mid-1950's in Britain, with the development of Rock and Roll alongside it. Pop is now well-known for being a genre of its own, and had dozens of subgenres and fusion

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