Folk Music In Vietnam War Essay

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The civil rights movement and the Vietnam war had caused a lot of concerns to the general public. It generally worried the college age group and a majority of the was movements often had them in it. It that many people supported the idea that all human being deserved equal rights and opportunities, disregarding whatever race or color they were. This topic became a major uproar during the 60's as many young men were drafted for were for the Vietnam War, when they had just become the age of eighteen. Fighting through what they can, student strikes and anti-war protests arose on many campuses it primarily led to the development of Folk Music. Folk music is based on political and general audiences’ views against racism and war, which was a popular choice for students in college. Before folk music was present, rock and roll and soul music were two genres that were mainly listened too. Rock and roll had a distinct sound with the use of guitars that captivated popular audiences in within the teenage age. Artists like the Beatles were quite famous for their music as they incorporated the American blues and rockability into their concepts. This was all during the time America faced a sudden loss of their President. Soul music was more different than…show more content…
Musicologists Charles Seeger, John A Lomax, and Alan Lomax had researched, analyzed, notated, and recorded a large number of folk songs from the Appalachians (Charlton, 131). It is merely easy to obtain information with music since it was more about listening to music, rather study about it. There were multiple instruments that folk music was introduced to. The fiddle, recorder, and many people borrowed the banjo from the British. By avoiding the use of drums or electric music, folk music maintained its color and did not follow any other genres change what folk music already
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