Follow The Rabbit Proof Fence Summary

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Novel Reading (Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence)

The book „Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence“ which is written by Doris Pilkington deals with three half caste children who escape from Moore River Settlement, from where they walked more than 900 kilometres along the Rabbit Proof Fence until they arrived in their Camp.

The story is about Molly; the oldest Girl of the three, who was 14 years old at that time, Daisy; who was eight years old and the youngest girl Gracie; who was only four years old.

In 1931 in Australia it is the official order of Mr. Neville, who was the Chief Protector of the Aborigines, that all “half caste” Aboriginal children must be taken away from their
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She is an 14-year old half caste Aboriginal who is separated from her family along with her younger sister and her cousin. After being taken away from her mother, it is evident that Molly is indeed the protagonist in the movie. When Molly, Daisy and Grace arrive at the: Moore River Native Settlement Molly is instantly disgusted by the people there, especially Neville. Only a few days after their arrival, under Molly 's lead the girls promptly escape. This shows that she is the protagonist because she took the lead and came up with the plan to escape. She is a aboriginal girl with long black hair a normal figur and wears a dirty skirt .However she often behaves very strong on her outside appearance. It is quite apparent that she tries to lead and take care off especially her little sister and her cousin. She loves her family and is a proud aboriginal. She is a introversial person so she is not showing her feelings often to her envoirement. She is a leader and a good leader too. Another significant fact is that she is very calm and thoughtful she makes a very detailed plan before she takes any action. I suggest she is very
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