Followers In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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“Most people are followers, not leaders.” Think about it. Do you agree with this statement. I do and here’s why: Most people are followers, rather than followers because it 's easier to follow, leaders have more unique personalities, and leaders wouldn 't be leaders without followers. Firstly, it’s easier to follow. For example, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph was the one who worked the hardest. He tried hard to organize everyone and to help the other kids survive on the island without any adults. In contrast, the “littluns” were followers. They they just played and made sandcastles, while watching Ralph do all of the work. “...All day I’ve been working with Simon. No one else. They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing.” (Golding 50). Ralph…show more content…
The dictionary definition of “to lead” is “to be in charge or command of”. If you don’t have anyone to be in charge of, you wouldn’t be considered a leader. That’s why there are more followers than leaders. You need all of those followers, in order to even have a leader. As seen in Lord of the Flies, Ralph blew the conch and was elected the leader by all of the boys, of whom he would then be in charge of. If all of those boys hadn’t come, who would Ralph lead? The rest of the boys were the followers and they are crucial to Ralph’s role as a leader. For instance, when all of the boys, Ralph’s followers, left Ralph to join Jack’s side, Ralph greatly needed followers. With all of his previous followers turned against him, Ralph lost all of the power he once had. After seeing Ralph without any followers, you can see just how crucial they are too his leadership role. Another example of why leaders can’t be leaders without followers from Lord of the Flies, is Jack. In the beginning of the book, Jack also wanted to be a leader alongside Ralph. They held an election and Ralph won. He won because of his followers, as Ralph’s followers were stronger than Jack’s, therefore making him the elected leader. An example of this in real life is the presidential election. Each candidate has their own different qualities and beliefs. They also all have followers. If any candidate doesn’t have followers, it 's impossible for them to win
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