Followers Role As A Servant Leader

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The role of followers in supporting servant leaders is to be respectful and responsible following guidelines. For examples, followers must be modest in accepting the tactics from a servant leader. A servant leader has the authorization to do it because he is devoted to people’s growth. A servant leader must be humble and trustworthy to their followers. The followers appreciate that their servant leader can understand them because he is all about authenticity. A servant leader demonstrates mercy by not discriminating anyone by their religion, culture, language and race. Followers learn to accept the servant leader once he proves to them, that he has the courage to lead them. A servant leader learns from followers because they do to need support. A servant leader who has problems in his personal life and must seek for follower’s support; which most likely he would avoid distractions and mistakes.…show more content…
When a servant leader understands the needs of his followers it enhances and motivates them to improve their job performance. A servant leader provides support, inspiration,motivation, but there, also needs to be reciprocity from the follower (Peterson, 2014). They complement one another roles, but when a leader needs help he should be able to ask for it. “ True leaders are the first to admit that they do not know everything and that they need help” (Billy Byrd). I believe that a true servant leader doesn’t have every answer, but goes out his way to find

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