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Folsom Friday: Walking on the Bottom of Folsom Lake Usually you’ll find residents and tourists on the outskirts of Folsom Lake, walking, running, relaxing on the beach, or taking in the view. During the summer, you’ll also find a lot of activity on the water with boats, jet-skis, and swimmers. When summer is over, it’s another story. The tourists have left and residents have gone back to school or work. Below is what the lake looks like during off season, before the rain hits in the winter. Most people don’t realize that this is also the perfect time to take a walk, or even a run, on the bottom of the lake. It can be an eerie site at times, almost as if you’re on another planet. Sometimes you will see a couple people wandering around, curious at the changes that have occurred. And sometimes you won’t see a soul in site. This year, if you’ve got the right walking shoes on, you can walk across the lake, to the other side, which normally is impossible unless done by car.…show more content…
Folsom Lake is a hot spot in the summer months, but don’t forget that when the people have left and the silence sets in, you can still go visit the lake, but this time you may be in for something a little

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