Food Additives Benefits

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Explain the benefits of food additives.

Additives are substances added to food to help extend shelf life, improve/add nutritional value which are lost during processing, enhance flavour and appearance for presentation, and to prevent micro-organisms growing to foods that are processed. In the olden times people used to eat from fresh produce like picking up fruits and vegetables from their backyard/ farm; we use to grind/mill our own flour from our harvest of wheat and from it, we baked our own bread. People even used to produce their own beer and wine. As time passed by, food spoilage and food poisoning has been main concerns of people producing food in mass; cooked food and fresh vegetables rot and ended up in the bin as they are not fit for human consumption after a short period of time. Food developed bacterial growth, taste, colour and texture changed as it is exposed to air and lack the protection they need to survive temperature, time and micro-organisms.
When food additives were introduced to food manufacturers it was a
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As anti-oxidant- Some foods are sensitive and react to oxygen once exposed; they quickly change in colour and taste and does not look as appetizing. Anti-oxidant agents in food may be artificial or natural. Majority of artificial food anti-oxidants are labelled or grouped with the Letter E ( sodium erythorbate E316, ascorbic acid E300, sodium ascorbate E301, erythorbic acid E315 and silicone dioxide E551.) These are just a few of many artificial food additives that act as anti-oxidant; most of these ‘E’ anti-oxidants are linked to food allergies and asthma in young children. An example of typical household additive which acts as natural anti-oxidant is lemon. Squeezing a lemon onto slices of apple prevents the apple from turning brown and keep it crisp taste for long. Lemon is also potent household ingredient in cleaning and disinfecting microwaves, stoves and pots. ;acts as antibacterial agent and effective deodorizer in the

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