Food And Beverage Department Essay

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Food and beverage Department
Responsibilities of food and beverage department
Food and beverage department is divided into many parts of the section which is divided into service staffs and kitchen staff. The responsibilities of food and beverage department for kitchen staff is to ensure that the customer promise is delivered to the customer and make sure that customer is satisfied with the product that we provide and the product is based on what customer needs. They must ensure that guests receive the high-quality service. And the food must be served with fresh and tasty. The food and beverage service department is an integral place in any hotel is responsible for the systematic and the actual service of food and beverage to the general
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In the western food buffet area had chef site cooking the grill items and their duty is to prepare and cook foods and make sure all the ingredients are fresh. In buffet place also had prepared two sides of the coffee machine and tea counter for buffet guest to drink. All the plates will under the buffet area side for put the plates. Although the food is taken by self-service, but if have any helps and request also can ask for us. This area will always keep clean and tidy. When guests finished their meals and leave on their table, we will clean and tidy up here as quickly as possible, to make sure before the guests take the food come back or new guest reached, the place is already tidy up. The eatery is a place which provides buffet as serving style. There is live cooking stations serve wholesome cuisine with delicious spreads of local and international specialties. The restaurant has a colourful contemporary interior with modern lighting, this makes guests feel comfortable and relax when they having their meals. And this restaurant is serving international cuisine. The hours of operation of this restaurant is 6.30am – 11.00pm in every day. Guests can enjoy their meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also supper. And the location is only next to the lobby, this is very

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