Food And Food In Thailand

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Food in Thailand consist of mainly rice and is made differently in different parts of the country. Rice for most of the people is eaten at every meal. Central and Southern Thailand usually have polished white rice while in the North and Northeast part of thailand, they eat sticky rice. Meals are also served differently than the traditional meal that might be served at a restaurant, whereas they have everything on the table at once. Following right behind rice, shellfish and fish are also a popular dish served in Thailand. The North and Northeastern part of Thailand is pretty similar to Laos in terms of food, such as sausages or larb. Lard is a dish that varies in every country and is made mostly with chicken, duck, beef, fish, pork or mushrooms. Sweets are mostly eaten as a snack and one of the most popular snacks is the Papaya Salad. Iranian food, which is also known as persian food, is considered to be the most delicious food in the region, while also being very healthy as well. The two national foods eaten here are called Chelo and Polo. Polo is a rice cooked with several different flavors added. Unusually small amounts of red lamb or beef meat is used as well as grains fruits and vegetables. Their food has contrasting flavors that really bring out their culture as far as food, mostly mild and spicy or sweet and spicy. Along with Thailand, they largely focus on rice in their cuisines. Rice is a very inexpensive item because it is locally grown and sold for cheap, hence

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