Food Cause: Causes And Effects Of Fast Food

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Fast food popularity
I. Introduction
A. The introduction of fast food during World War II had altered the eating habit and lifestyle of global society and it is a continuous growing trend similar to that of modern electrical appliances such as smartphones and laptops (Belasco & Scranton, 2002).
B. Modern society includes college students and white – collars prefer fast food than home – cooking simply because they are quickly served, easy to get and like taste of fast food which is salty, sweet and fatty (Hitti, 2008).
C. Fast food, as its name suggests, the meal is served quickly and immediately after your order is placed. Not much time is wasted while having your fast food meal, extremely crucial for college
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1. The most important factor encouraging the greatly elevated popularity of fast food is because the high visibility, exposure and global recognition theme as a marketing strategy.
a. For example, there are plenty of fast food chains and braches around you, it is to brand the name of famous fast food chains in your mind. Therefore, able to influence you to visit the fast food restaurant more frequent.
2. Fast food recognizes the difference which make the crispy fatty fries and patty more preferable than regular salads, it is the tastes that will influence eating choices (Glanz et. al., 1998).
a. Therefore, stronger tastes are required to make the food tastier usually associated with high saltiness, sweetness and fat contents.
3., a restaurant industry related magazine, in 2008 has proposed that convenience is always the primary criteria attracting the society to spend on fast food which is always available around you and is served real quick, thus able to save a lot of time compared to preparing food at
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Transition paragraph
1. The presence of fast food greatly influenced especially the modern society regarding their lifestyles, food – to – value and convenience to get. Despite fast food gained huge fame since its introduction, but the society are more concerned towards the effect it caused in the past years alongside with the discouragement by health related parties.

Body B: Topic Sentence 2
Fast food causes not only health problems to the population but it posts harms to the food source as well such as chicks and cattle.
1. The food source comes from the animal raised in large number in factory farms, experiencing torturous lives every day and might transmit contagious illnesses by eating the diseased meat.
a. Fast food companies purchase inexpensive patty meats from these farms as they focus on minimizing production costs and modal.
2. Fast food elevates the chances of several health problems including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and hormonal disruptions as well, especially in children.
a. 40% of children obtain high calories and sugar content which will contribute to obesity, high content of fats in the body, and will lead to diabetes as well (MNT,

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