Food Causes And Effects Of Fast Food

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Introduction A. From quotation of fast food online,Jeremy Rifkin said “In this country ,the health concerns and the environmental concerns are as deep as in Europe.All the surveys show that.But here,we didn’t have the cultural dimension.This is the fast food culture. B. In this era of globalization,we increasingly move towards sophisticated and high living technology.Many things evolve with this change for example architecture building,too dense,and not mention to the way our food preparation.In this case,we stress about the society that likes to take too many fast food as their everyday practice.This is because they are very busy and have no many time to prepare the food.So,the alternative way is they prepared the fast food as their meal. C. This will lead to the negative effects such as the health problem,family problem,and the economic problem if the society still interest with the fast food popularity. Body paragraph A. Health problem can be one of the severe effects of over intake of fast food. 1. Someone who is too addicted to fast food are afflicted with obesity. a) Fast food is famous among the children.The research carried out by health food guide,discovered about the percent of the number of obese children in America increase base on the result of the fast food outcome.Not including the children at risk for obesity,the statistics show that between 10% and 15% of children are already obese nowadays.(Fast Food Effects On Childhood Obesity) b) According to Elisa

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