Food Chain Case Study

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Business Concept: The proposed business plan is a retail business and its focus is to develop and maintain a food chain, which is both healthy and hygienic so that it will help the customers with the issues regarding their health and this place will provide them a healthy environment for them to enjoy. The business model followed here is to fulfill the expectations of the customers. Starting a new business venture depends upon the cooperation between the entrepreneurs and their relationship with the investors (Kaplan & Norton., 2001). The nature of the business is to provide the customers with the best quality of food and at the same time make sure that whatever they are eating is healthy and delicious. The target audience of this food chain…show more content…
These are the reasons that this food chain will be successful, as it will attract people from all the age groups. This how this chain will earn their share of profit and generate cash flow. That is the targeted audience for this particular food chain will also be diverse as almost all the people now days are health conscious whether adults or teenagers (Story, 2008). That is this food chain would not be confined to any particular generation. Developing new services, products, different innovative ideas, all are key elements in starting a business. These elements should be kept forward in terms of venturing a group entrepreneurship (Hawker, 2013). This idea of a healthy food chain is to promote a healthy lifestyle to all those who loves to dine out but do not because of the unhealthy market food, which is the basis of many diseases and problems such as food poisoning, obesity and diabetes. That is it would not be any ordinary food chain but is a combination of two extra things, healthy food and a…show more content…
However, there are very few who promote a healthy lifestyle. The market is filled with junk food, which is unhealthy but because of them people has gained a lot of appetite, which is making them sick and unfit (Story, 2008). The junk food chains provide delicious tastes on the cost of health and money. From the managerial perspective, healthy food chain is going to be very successful initiation of a place where a healthy life’s style is promoted with both health benefits and control over unhealthy oily fried food, which is making people unfit (Walker et al., 2010). This is a very distinctive product for the customers to relish from the mentioned delicacy. Even according to the marketing perspective, this product provides the customers with different choices of flavors, health benefits and helps in relaxing and freshening their mind and body. It will be accessible to all the customers without any difficulties (Walker et al., 2010). The trend of marketing is mostly headed towards such customers who want the stimulating energizing capability in their bodies and want to stay in perfect shape and health. The product is of high quality considering the above-mentioned ingredients, because of such uniqueness; the product will be prioritized in the eye of its customers (Story, 2008). Thus, the only thing required apart from the obvious things is the requirement of

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