Food Choice Choices

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Lately there has been a grand concern towards the diets of children throughout the whole world where many support the idea that the media has a big impact when it comes to children’s food choice while some do not agree with this idea of influence. This is a burden that generates highly debates that are far from over. With this being said, this study will analyze three different points of views regarding adolescents’ food choice being influenced by media. To begin with, The Oxford University Press published a journal based on the social influence and food choice. According to Oxford`s journal, there are currently several researches that have found that the social media can either affect positively or negatively the choices people make towards…show more content…
So, it is a research that represents the effect of the food choices as a result of the social media influence.
The second point of view is from the Journal of Consumer Research that was written by Gerald J. Gorn and Marvin E., which studied the effects televised food messages have on children. They have done a research in relation to some children in a camp that watched television foods advertisement for over two weeks, which eventually led the children to change their choices at snack time.
As part of the research, Gerald and Marvin exposed children to candy commercials and as a result these same children during snack time chose more candy over fruit. Normally, before watching the commercials, the children from the camp ate more fruits than candy. Also, they impose that the commercials for healthy food had not made people to increase the consumption of these healthy foods. When discussing their results both said that something that might have influenced children’s choice on candy is because they were already familiar with some
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To conclude, this journal stated that various foods in schools cafeterias are not always attractive, just as the ones on convenience stores, making students disinterested to eat such foods.
The last perspective is from James Lopez who wrote an article based on the influence of media on our food choices. According to Lopez, the media is a medium in which captives our attention bombarding us with several images and advertisements and also providing the society an essential source of information. Also, these messages we see and heard influence basically all of our choices, including food choice.
This article says that advertisements are the main source for media and food manufactures that sell their products throughout these commercials. As well, these markets have several strategies to make products irresistible so that consumers by them such as the children or even adults. Not to mention that James supports the idea in which teenagers who are very impacted through the media do not have consciousness of the advertisements that are willing only to sell their product and not a truly good merchandise, which could later affect their
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