Food Choices In Fast Food

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Apart from sugary drinks, fast food companies that have historically led the market in offering fast food and high-fat products including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King (The Economist, 2012). Many companies have also begun offering a “healthier menu” or healthier options for consumers, but consumers must decide whether they want to indulge in healthier foods, or continue eating the foods they have always enjoyed at the same restaurants. Pricing is a consideration. One thing to consider is the value menu. At many fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s a value menu is offered, where consumers can purchase items for a dollar or less. Typically the food choices offered on these menus are not the healthiest choices for consumers.…show more content…
Government agencies in American recently were cited as considering voluntary guidelines that would limit the marketing of unhealthy foods to children; however lobbying by food companies caused the bill to stall (The Economist, 2012). Food companies are allowed and often do present their views to the World Health Organization, advising countries on items that include food policies and nutrition (The Economist, 2012). Unbelievably, it is fast food companies that provide money and donations to the World Health Organization’s American Branch, which may influence how regulations and policies are shaped and formed. Little did the American people know just how much influence fast food companies have on their overall health and wellness, much less marketing, advertising and regulations regarding food policies and procedures. Further, apparently fast food companies even have a say regarding the operations of the World Health Organization, not just local policies and…show more content…
The literature has already established that the US is in a crisis, and that obesity is a crisis among adults. Adults have a tendency to influence the exercise and eating habits of the children that they raise. Thus, adults that are overweight are much happier to raise children that are overweight. Fortunately, children have more than parents as role models, although it is important to engage parents in the education of children and in reforming children’s dietary and exercise partners. Schools and educators also have a role in supporting children’s healthy eating and risk

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