Food Court Proposal

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“Food court… a great avenue to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating.”
Food service among universities around the world has come a long way from the canteen lines of the past where single meals were dished out on a set schedule three times daily. On today's university campus, students are given a wide variety of culinary pleasures to choose from at various times of the day. Overall services may have improved, as well as today’s dining services by considering and identifying the diners’ expectations, wants and needs. For students who use the canteen regularly, the food purchased and the canteen itself make a significant contribution to their total food intake and nutrition.
The venue can exert a strong impact
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It has 8 major buildings wherein the main building is situated along Maria Clara Street with some departments in the vicinity. The existing Food Court of the university is situated just between the Administration and Founder’s buildings respectively. The people involved in this study are mainly the students, teachers, staff and employees of the university as well as the food court’s tenants and vendors. They are our reasons why we pursue this proposal since it is essential to every institution to provide the needs and wants of its constituents. At present, the UB Food court covers an area of 180.59 square meters according to the General Services Office. It can accommodate a maximum of 130 students only (19 tables with 6 seaters = 114, plus 16 individual chairs = 130) which is just a little fraction compared to the total number of students of the university. As students of this university for 4 years already, we have observed that the food court building design itself failed to accommodate present issue such as overcrowding of students during peak hours, inappropriate circulation and ventilation. Furthermore, the existing food court is congested especially during break time and is not well-designed and ventilated. It is also advisable not to stay there during rainy days in order to avoid getting wet. Moreover,…show more content…
Over the past 200 years, many of the most significant contributions to the understanding of the structures have been made by Scientist Engineers while working on mathematical models, which were used for real structures. Application of mathematical model of any sort to any real structure system must be idealized in some fashion; that is, an analytical model must be developed. There has never been an analytical model, which is a precise representation of the physical system. While the performance of the structure is the result of natural effects, the development and thus the performance of the model is entirely under the control of the analyst. The validity of the results obtained from applying mathematical theory to the study of the model therefore rests on the accuracy of the model. While this is true, it does not mean that all analytical models must be elaborate, conceptually sophisticated devices. In some cases very simple models give surprisingly accurate results. While in some other cases they may yield answers, which deviate markedly from the true physical behavior of the model, yet be completely satisfactory for the problem at

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