Food Cultural Analysis

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Since the food industry has developed most people are conscious that food provides nutrition, but it is hardly considered the geographic, historical, and cultural circumstances that impact what it is eaten and how it is obtained, prepared, and served. To analyze food through a prism of culture; this paper will focus briefly on food and culture. Therefore, as the first section; will be presented a situational analyze, as the second section; provide solution according to the problem introduced, and as the last; a wrap-up of the topic. Due to the instructions that have to be followed as a “MUST” from the lecture. This paper will be presented in three pages.

1. Analysis
Cultural Food
The concern about the food which is consumed became the center of attention for many because of numerous diseases caused for the food that people eat. Therefore, cultural food is a concept which refers to the practices, attitudes, and beliefs as well as the networks and institutions surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption of food.
How food is related with culture
Food is related to cultural identity; in the book, Food in World History, by Jeffrey M. Pilcher provides case studies focusing on topics such as the use of food as a tool of colonialism in Africa and
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The same happens in the midst of people that share the same cultural origin or even the same food habits, consumption outlines are not identic. What more, families contrast from their own daily sequences on holidays is for instance when going on a trip, or when boarders are present. Let us consider the fact males eat in a different way than female. Individuals of different age assemblies eat differently. Nevertheless, in many parts of the whole world, food is allied with hospitality and expression of relationship. Consequently, understanding the rules of food that are consumed and customs is crucial to build and firm up cross-cultural

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